Sample travel account codes

You must enter the correct Banner Account Code in the reservation screen.  Below are sample Travel Account Codes from Banner which may be used in making a reservation.  If you have any questions, please call our main office at 535-2254.
Acct# AcctDesc
710000	In-State Travel - General
710005	In-State Travel - Recruiting
710015	In-State Travel - Supervision
710020	In-State Travel - Professional Development
710025	In-State Travel - Course Related
710030	In-State Travel - Searches
710100	Out-of-State Travel - General
710105	Out-of-State Travel - Recruiting
710115	Out-of-State Travel - Professional Development
710120	Out-of-State Travel - Supervision
710125	Out-of-State Travel - Course Related
710130	Out-of-State Travel - Searches
710200	Foreign Travel
710400	Student or Non-Emp Travel (for Athletic Teams)

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