Snow Tows

December 4th, 2012 by Amanda

OH NO!     Snow Tows

Winter weather is coming to the area so please drive carefully on & around campus, and while traveling to home and back this winter. Lot Maintenance commences after December 1st so please remember:

  1. Lot Maintenance is the same day & the same time every week until April 1st. Check the schedule on line, at the shuttle stops, in your dorms, or posted at your lot entrance, and move your cars on time.
  2.  If you count on someone else to move your car, hope they will pay the fines. If the car isn’t moved, it gets towed.
  3. Class schedule, off campus skiing, boarding, or working is no excuse. Please move it before you go.
  4.  We can unlock your cars if the keys are locked in them. We can jumpstart your cars if the battery is low. We can’t move them for you,  so don’t make us tow.

Community Alerts

The Beginning of Lot Maintenance

November 25th, 2014 by Amanda

Do not forget to sign up for Lot Maintenance notifications on your devices. Lot maintenance schedules will begin on Monday, December 1st. Have a Happy & Safe Thanksgiving.