Commendation Process

The University Police Department has established guidelines for recognizing members who perform their duties in an above average or exceptional manner but might not meet the criteria for other university awards programs. Some of these awards are in recognition of length of service or educational achievements, while others are presented only in recognition of acts that go “above and beyond the call of duty.” A few of the latter awards are identified below.

Director’s Award for Excellence: Presented for participating or assisting in any randomly unique event, project, or situation of an exceptional nature; or making a significant contribution to the department or university by a one-time or continuing act or service in the public interest.

Exceptional Performance Award: Presented for exceptional performance significantly above what would be expected in an area or event that is within his/her normal realm of responsibilities, or that makes a significant contribution to the department or the university community.

Sustained Superior Performance Award: Presented for performing job tasks at a level that exceeds normal performance requirements for a sustained period of time, i.e., two or more consecutive calendar or budget years.

Citizen Commendation Award: Presented for receiving three or more letters during the calendar year from members of the university community, non-affiliated citizens and/or members of other criminal justice agencies citing courteous or outstanding performance of duty.

Community Service Award: Presented for involvement both on and off duty in youth activities, crime or fire prevention and suppression, or social, religious, fraternal or other activities for the public good.

Suggestion Award: Presented for suggestions or other achievements that contribute to the efficiency or effectiveness of a particular departmental operation or function or to the overall operation and mission of the department.

Lifesaving Award: Presented for the performance of any lifesaving, first aid, first responder/CPR/AED effort that results in the saving of a life.

Award for Merit: Presented for the performance of an outstanding act of police work and/or an act that displays superior intelligence and effort, and upholds the highest standards of police work.

Award for Heroism: Presented for an act of outstanding courage without regard for personal safety resulting in the saving of a life.

Award for Valor: Presented for an extraordinary act of outstanding courage without regard for personal safety while in actual combat with an armed adversary, or for making an outstanding arrest where the officer’s effort is met by an armed adversary.

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