You are invited and encouraged to participate in the selection of the 2012 recipient of the Plymouth State University Distinguished Operating Staff Award (DOSA).

How to Nominate:
Review the list of current, eligible Operating Staff members.  Fill out the nomination form for the Operating Staff member you consider the most deserving of this award.  Give at least three reasons for your choice, sign the form, send to Fran Bean, OS Speaker Elect, MSC #52.

No later than March 23, 2012.

Who Can Nominate?
All current members of Plymouth State University’s Operating Staff, PAT’s, Faculty, PA’s, Students and Alumni.

Who Will Choose?
A seven (7) member selection committee made up of the Operating Staff Speaker Elect (or designee), two Operating Staff  members, the Faculty Speaker, the PAT Speaker, a past Distinguished PAT Award recipient and a past Distinguished Operating Staff Award recipient.

Criteria Guidelines:
This person must-

  1. Possess a comprehensive knowledge of his/her office/department and demonstrate resourcefulness in its operation.
  2. Exhibit leadership qualities in campus life and/or community activities.
  3. Willingly support faculty, staff, students and the University mission while maintaining a sense of respect for all by demonstrating fairness and integrity at all times.

Thank you for your time, consideration and participation in this process.  It not only means a great deal to the award recipient but to every Operating Staff member who receives a nomination!


Fran Bean, OS Speaker Elect
and the DOSA Selection Committee




Former DOSA recipients are:  Deborah Cole, 2001; Shaughn Bolton, 2003: Nancy Aldrich, 2004; Deb LeBlanc, 2005; Rachel Roy, 2006; Kathryn Melanson, 2008; Diane Tiffany, 2009; Jennifer Frank, 2010 and Brenda Gleich, 2011. These individuals are not eligible for the nomination in 2012.  Nominations must be received by Fran Bean, MSC 52, no later than March 23, 2012.

I wish to nominate: _____________________________________________________________

Who works in: ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_________________________________________________________________

As (title): _____________________________________________________________________

Please list three or more reasons for this nomination (use back of sheet if needed):











Print your name: ­­­­­­­________________________________ Class:__________________________

Department: ___________________________________ Extension:_______________________


Signed: _______________________________________ Date: ___________________________
(Must be signed to be valid


DOSA nomination form

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