Mission & Values

Our Mission


University Police Office

The Plymouth State University Police Department exists to provide quality police and community service with respect, fairness and compassion to all who visit, study, teach, and work at Plymouth State University. We are committed to the enhancement of the quality of life by providing a safe and secure campus environment conducive to learning by educating the community on safety and risk avoidance issues; by enforcing all laws of the State of New Hampshire, the ordinances of the Towns of Plymouth and Holderness, NH, and university regulations; by preventing and detecting crime; and by apprehending and prosecuting violators. This mission is accomplished by continually improving the professional operations of our department, seeking the support of and building partnerships with the entire community, and supporting the mission of the University. With community service as our foundation, we will vigorously investigate and solve problems as well as incidents, seek solutions, and foster a sense of security in our community.

Our Vision

The Plymouth State University Police Department will be a leader among public safety agencies in New Hampshire in implementing best practices followed nationwide in the campus law enforcement profession. In our programs, services, and activities we will nurture public trust by holding ourselves to the highest ethical standards and performing our duties with pride, integrity, courage, honor, and dignity.

hrOur Guiding Principles and Values: What We Mean by…

Respect: We respect the right of all persons to equal access to police services and recognize the need for every person to be treated with dignity. Fairness and objectivity are standards that guide our decisions regarding services and employees. Courtesy shall be the means by which we communicate the Respect to which all persons are entitled. We treat each other the way we would like to be treated, acknowledging each person’s contribution to the department’s mission.

Compassion: We will care about others and Respect their feelings. We will strive to be sensitive to and empathetic toward other peoples’ problems and difficulties, and do what we can alleviate them, especially in the workplace.

Quality Service & Problem Solving: We are professional in our appearance, demeanor, and job performance. We communicate honestly and accurately, which establishes credibility and mutual Respect. Our personal accountability builds trust. Acceptance of responsibility is critical to our effectiveness. We believe that police-citizen cooperation and a Problem-Solving focus are essential to the delivery of effective police services. Building long-term partnerships with all stakeholders is every employee’s responsibility.

Continual Improvement: We seek excellence in work achievement in response to what needs to be done, and constantly strive to improve ourselves and the department. Improvement is obtained through individual and collective preparation, involvement, commitment, and creativity. We do the right job right, and for the morally, ethically, and legally right reasons.

Community Alerts

Lot 502 Closure

March 12th, 2015 by Amanda

All student vehicles must be out of lot 502 by tomorrow, March 13. Lot 502 will be closed to parking as of Monday, March 16.