Student Officer Program


  1. To make a meaningful, substantive contribution to the day-to-day quality of life on campus and to enhance the sense of security and well-being for your fellow students by engaging in proactive crime prevention activities;
  2. To improve your interpersonal and communications skills sets; and
  3. To enhance your resume so as to attract the attention of law enforcement recruiters after graduation

Student Officer Quotes:

“Over the past year in the Student Officer Program, I have learned many things about law enforcement and myself as a person.  Being a Squad Leader, I have learned skills that have help me become a better leader and role model.   These skills include communication, inter-department cooperation, and teambuilding with peers, coworkers, and the general public.”
– 2nd Year Student Officer

“As a student officer, my main responsibility is to become an extra set of “eyes and ears” for the university officers. This role has undoubtedly allowed me to attain a level of leadership in the campus community. I am able to not only represent the university through my employment, but become a positive role model for students who may be inclined to lose sight of their future goals. The student officer position has allowed me to use my leadership skills in reporting acts of deviance, such as vandalism, as well as maintain community relationships with the entire campus by offering educational advice as to why certain acts and behaviors are prohibited.”
- 2nd Year Student Officer

Employment Application (PDF)

Former PSU Student Officers are currently employed at:
Dunbarton, Framingham State, Laconia, Marine Patrol, New Hampshire State Police, Plymouth, Plymouth District Court  and Plymouth State University Police Departments.

Community Alerts

Lot 502 Closure

March 12th, 2015 by Amanda

All student vehicles must be out of lot 502 by tomorrow, March 13. Lot 502 will be closed to parking as of Monday, March 16.