Sexual Assault Resource Team (SART)


The mission of the Plymouth Area Sexual Assault Resource Team is to ensure an effective, consistent, comprehensive, and collaborative response to sexual assault that prioritizes the needs of sexual assault victims; strengthens and improves the delivery of victim services; encourages the reporting of offenses; and brings responsible persons to justice.


PSART is comprised of representatives from law enforcement, advocacy organizations, hospitals, mental health practitioners and juvenile assistance programs.

2010 Meeting Dates:

(Grady Conference Room, Speare Hospital, Plymouth, NH)

*  07/14/2010 at 1:00

*  08/04/2010 at 1:00

*  09/01/2010 at 1:00

*  10/06/2010 at 1:00

*  11/10/2010 at 1:00

*  12/01/2010 at 1:00



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