Meet the Team!

Marketing Communications

Barbra Alan

Publications Editor (603) 535-3009

More About Barbra

I started at PSU in 2007, after having worked at Dartmouth Medical School as assistant director of development communications. Prior to that, I lived in the Philadelphia area where I was a marketing communications writer for the Vanguard Group, Aetna, and Siemens Medical Systems.

Why I love what I do: The wide array of topics and people I get to learn about and then write about. Plus, I love stories—they’re a great way to educate, influence, and entertain, which is what I try to do with mine.

Hobbies: Reading, particularly mysteries; being outside as much as possible, especially with my kids; cooking, exercise, and traveling.

Betsy Cheney ’89, ’99G

Publicist (603) 535-2643

More About Betsy

No one would believe me if I confessed when I started at Plymouth State … no one stays in one place so long. Let’s just say I am the senior person on the MCCS team, with work experience in four departments (public relations, student activities, financial management, and in the inaugural fundraising office) plus two PSC degrees earned along the way (BS and MEd).

Why I love what I do: I benefited from public higher education as a first-generation college student, and I believe strongly in this model. Everything we do in MCCS benefits our students directly or indirectly.

Favorite projects: My role as arts and events publicist brings me into contact with talented and creative students, faculty and staff just about every day, and I often take the opportunity to see their performances. I am in awe of the talent all around us. I also enjoy writing and occasional story or interview for Plymouth Magazine.

Organizations: I am currently secretary and a member of the development committee of the board of directors of Voices Against Violence. I have also been a member of the Young Ladies’ Library Association of the Plymouth town library, and served on the board of Friends of the Arts and the Speare Memorial Hospital Auxiliary.

Awards: I was honored to receive the 1995 PSC Alumni Achievement Award when I worked in fundraising, and the 2004 PSU Distinguished Professional, Administrative and Technical (PAT) staff award.

Likes: The arts —museums, theatre, craft exhibitions, poetry readings, art history … I love to see, hear, touch and learn about beautiful things, from wooden spoons and ladles made from the roots of indigenous plants by a New Hampshire League of Craftsman’s artisan, to paintings, drawings, photographs and pottery made by student and faculty artists, guest artists and local folks. This all makes my work an extension of two things I love—PSU and the arts.

Bobby Costanzo ’15

Marketing Communications Fellow

Emilie Coulter

Publications Editor (603) 535-2151

More About Emilie

I am a publications writer/editor with more than 25 years of experience in this field. I’ve worked for nonprofits, educational organizations, and websites. Previous jobs include children’s books editor at, recipes editor (and occasional tester), book reviewer, and executive producer of a small film company.

I have been with PSU since spring of 2011. My duties at PSU include helping generate and write story ideas for Plymouth Magazine and other publications, researching and writing recruitment materials, and editing and writing for catalogs, newsletters, brochures, postcards, and departmental websites.

In my free time, I like to hike, row, ski, read, write, and run around in the woods with my two children, husband, and Sparky the dog. Katy the cat and Bowe the fish keep the home fires burning.

Bruce Lyndes

News Services Manager (603) 535-2775

More About Bruce

Bruce started at PSU in 2006; he has more than 30 years experience in public relations and radio and television journalism in both Vermont and New Hampshire.

Why he loves doing what he does: There are many fascinating and inspiring stories at PSU; communicating the University’s accomplishments to the world is both meaningful and fun.

Organizations: Bruce currently serves on the Rivendell Interstate School District Board. He previously served as President of the Vermont Associated Press Broadcasters Association and on the Board of Directors of the Upper Valley chapter of the American Cancer Society.

Honors and awards: Bruce received the Vermont Associated Press Broadcasters Association Distinguished Service Award in 2000. He also received a Telly Award for writing and producing a documentary film.

Hobbies: Hiking, antiques and photography.

Heidi Pettigrew ’99, ’07G, ’11CAGS

Director of Marketing Communications (603) 535-2888

Creative Services

Daphne Bruemmer ’98

Senior Graphic Designer (603) 535-2200

More About Daphne

Designer, climber, hiker, pescetarian, and PSC graduate

Loves animals, the outdoors, good books, great movies, and roguishly funny people.
Dream job growing up: either raising chinchillas (for pets not pelts!) or thinking up names for colors (think crayon and go from there)

Favorite claim to fame: has kept the same circle of closest friends since kindergarten

Kaleb Hart ’11

Photographer/Videographer (603) 535-3057

Lisa Prince

Interim Director of Creative Services (603) 535-2475

More About Lisa

Professional stuff

Hired in August of 1989 as a half-time graphic designer when design was still done on a paste-up board. I moved Plymouth State’s communications office into digital graphic design in my second year of employment. Hooray!

My talents and energy are focused on communicating the message of higher education. I am fortunate.

I enjoy proper balanced exercise so my left brain and my right brain do interval training with publication timelines, brand management, writing request for complex print and other proposals along with the yoga of developing creative solutions to design needs.

New Hampshire Creative Club, UCDA (University and College Designers Association), and CASE.
I support the greater community of the region and the globe through a number of organizations, and I am a proud supporter of Plymouth State University.

Personal stuff

Since age 6 I have always had a pure gray male cat in my menagerie marred by a brief and unsatisfying interlude without this feline talisman
Devoted to my sons and parents
Fascinated by Down East lore particularly as it relates to my ancestry
Intense and long-term interest in the study of comparative religion
Stem cell and bone marrow donor to an anonymous recipient – an unusual honor
Vegetable gardening is part of my DNA

Hyung Park

Web Communications Designer (603) 535-2269

More About Hyung

I got into building websites in 1999, working for web publishing company. Started off building custom CMS and moved on to building sites using open-sourced CMS, which paved the way to landing my current job at PSU in 2011.

Why I love what I do: I love problem solving and working with diverse clients. Constantly changing web standards keep me on my toes. My co-workers are pretty cool too.

Favorite projects: If I’m proud of the end product, I’m happy. Nothing’s worse than spending all your energy creating lousy stuff. Feeling ownership to the end product is important. I’ll work harder if a client will include me into owning what we create. There’s a big difference in between a client who says, “I want you to make this my way” vs. “Let’s make something awesome together.”

Honors: Gwyneth Paltrow once said she loved a site I made. Got few Webby Awards as well.

Hobbies: Fly fishing, climbing (rock and ice), hiking, canoeing, skiing, snowboarding, skipping rocks (I can do this all day), flying a kite, trying to outrun a vicious dog on my bike, fixing chainsaws and baking things.