Surplus Procedures

1. Definition of Surplus Property – Surplus property is defined as supplies or equipment which are obsolete, damaged and unusable, or in excess of need. This includes all tangible assets with the exception of real property. (The sale or disposal of real property is addressed in BOT, Section VI, C.1, Disposal of Real Property.)

2. Why is a Disposal of Surplus Property Policy Necessary? Internal controls are necessary to meet the fiduciary responsibilities of the USNH Trustees to protect and properly monitor USNH resources. This policy facilitates the physical removal of surplus property, finds an alternative internal use, reduces the storage burden and maximizes USNH’s return on salable items. In addition, timely and proper recording of disposed property is important for maintaining an accurate financial system and safeguarding USNH assets.
3. PSU Purchasing Department is responsible for the following actions in this sequence:
1. Determine with the department if there are any hazardous substances/materials that may require special handling (e.g., refrigerants, chemicals, radioactive, etc.) For disposal of equipment that may contain hazardous materials, department must contact the campus Environmental Health and Safety manager at 535-2409.
2. Approve the final disposition of all surplus property with an estimated current market value of less than $5,000.
3. The following thresholds should be used when determining the appropriate procedure for the actual disposal of surplus items:
a) Surplus item(s) with an estimated current market value of $0 (i.e., obsolete, damaged, etc.) do not have to be advertised if the property is to be scrapped.
b) After a department has received permission from Purchasing to scrap/dispose of an item(s) via email from Purchasing/Surplus, he/she may do so him/herself (if permitted by Purchasing) or enter a Work Order click here to request Physical Plant to remove the item for disposal.
c) If disposing of the item(s) him/herself, he/she must make sure the property being disposed of is placed directly inside a dumpster and not left laying or sitting beside one.
4. How to Surplus Computer/Electronic/AV equipment surplus- The ITS Surplus Program operates through the Computer Repair Center in Highland Hall, room 011. Repair Center/Surplus staff process surplus technology items from PSU departments such as computers and their peripherals, network equipment, servers, multimedia equipment and telecommunication equipment. PSU Departments shall contact ITS at (603)535-3499 or email at and notify them of any computer/electronic/AV items to be declared surplus. For further information see ITS is responsible for determining the appropriate disposition of equipment containing data storage as well as equipment containing circuit boards and for authorizing and accomplishing such disposition. They may delegate authority for disposition as size, condition, value, location, etc., of the item dictates.

5. How to Surplus All Non-Computer/Electronic/AV Equipment (e.g. furniture, vehicles, lawn mowers, office supplies, miscellaneous items):
1. PSU Department shall notify PSU Purchasing Agent at 535-2587 or via e-mail (see PSU detailed procedures – ) to determine proper disposition and assistance with the on-line form found on the Purchasing website under Surplus at: .

2. Surplus item(s) with an estimated current market value per unit of $1 or greater require PSU Purchasing/Surplus approval, and must be advertised for bid as follows:

a) To USNH departments for a minimum of 14 days by Purchasing.
b) To the general public after the 14-day USNH availability period. See procedures above with communication and approval of PSU Purchasing detailed procedures
c) If deemed appropriate, Purchasing will advertise items such as surplus office supplies directly to the Administrative Assistants and/or direct the department to advertise to the campus community via the PSUFYI system at

3. Proceeds from the Sale – Proceeds from external sales shall be credited to the department whose budget funded the original purchase of the surplus goods. See PSU detailed procedures

4. If surplus goods are donated (usually to a local non-profit), PSU Purchasing will provide the department with a donation form created specifically for PSU donations.

5. Removal of Surplus – If there are no acceptable offers for a surplus item(s) and no identified non-profit organization is interested in the item as a donation; the department shall with written (email) approval from Purchasing, contact Physical Plant for pickup if necessary.

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