Merchants Van & Truck Rental

Effective September 1, 2006, Merchants is our contracted vendor for the rental of large passenger vans, i.e., for 10 passengers, 12-15 passengers (10 people maximum allowable) and the 14-passenger activity bus.

To make van or truck reservations:

Please see Merchants’ rate schedule for information on delivery, pickup, and restrictions.

PSU guidelines for renting large passenger vans (10 passengers, 12-15 passenger (max-10 people, and the activity bus)

  • Merchants should be contacted directly by the department making the rental and payment arrangements.
  • The department will then receive a confirmation from Merchants for the rental.
  • MM drivers will contact department (PSU will have 2 names/numbers provided when making the reservations) when they leave Hooksett on deliver day. Generally, MM will deliver one day early on most reservations – This will allow for better connections when the vans are dropped off – for key drop off, signing of contract (s) and vehicle inspection.
  • Provide Pcard information at the time of the reservation – which will save time in the billing process
  • Arrangements for van delivery must be made directly with Merchants, after which vans will be delivered to the department.
  • The driver or trip leader is responsible for returning the vans and keys to the department immediately upon return from the trip. It is important to return the keys on time so that Merchants can meet further rental demands.
  • There was an updated ‘long term contract’ (30 days or more) which is more descriptive/inclusive providing better information to the renting department.
  • Training sessions for van drivers will be scheduled either for the end of September or the first/second week in October 2007; this meeting could be in the evening.


  • Always request a confirmation reservation sheet.
  • Please use the pcard when making your reservations.
  • Make sure to obtain a detailed invoice after your usage.

Merchants offers free defensive driving courses for vans periodically in conjunction with the PSU Travel and Safety offices. Note: This training is required for any driver under the age of 21 years of age. Please watch the campus notices for dates/times and registration information.

Questions/comments regarding this contract may be directed to:

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