Merchants Van & Truck Rental

Effective September 1, 2006, Merchants is our contracted vendor for the rental of large passenger vans, i.e., for 10 passengers, 12-15 passengers and the 14-passenger activity bus (***Maximum number of people riding in the vans is 10, including the driver***).

To make van or truck reservations:

– For short term (30 days or less) rentals – instruction are provided for the FleetShare Program on the following link:

Fleet Share access card

– For long term (30 days or more) rentals – contact:

Ryan Keller, National Fleet Share Sales Manager

1278 Hooksett Road, Hooksett, NH 03106
(603) 606-4555 – Office
(603) 391-2093 – Cell
(603) 695-9204 – Fax
Web site:

Please see Merchants’ rate schedule for information on delivery, pickup, and restrictions.

PSU guidelines for renting large passenger vans (10 passengers, 12-15 passenger and the 14-passenger activity bus (***Maximum number of people riding in the vans is 10, including the driver***).

  • Whether Merchants is contacted directly by the Department or the reservation is made online, the department should receive a confirmation from Merchants for the rental.
  • Provide Pcard information at the time of the reservation, which will save time in the billing process
  • For long term rentals, arrangements for van deliver must be made directly with Merchants. The Fleet Share program provides 2 to 5 vans ( as needed) on campus. These vans are located at the parking lot adjacent to Langdon Woods.
  • Students must take the Defensive Driving Class within one (1) year of reservation. Classes to be scheduled throught the semester. Please watch the Orgsync campus noties for dates/times and registration information. Students who have not taken the class should contact the Campus Purchasing Coordinator prior to renting a van.
  • Additional rules and guidelines are available at Fleet Share guidelines and rules(1)


  • Always request a confirmation reservation sheet.
  • Please use the PCard when making your reservations.
  • Make sure to obtain a detailed invoice after your usage.

Questions/comments regarding this contract may be directed to:

  • Campus Travel Coordinator
    Telephone: (603) 535-2209
    Fax: (603) 535-2711

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