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When it comes to serving the public at Plymouth State University, the possibilities are endless. All around the campus, students are doing great things for the community. The Office of Research & Engagement is here to promote those who are reaching out to the public, and to encourage others to do so as well. If you would like to be a part of “Student Scholars of Plymouth State,” contact us, and we can help you spread your message.

Stephanie Treadwell,  Anthropology Student.

“In the archaeology lab, it is interesting to see artifacts from Holmes House, as well as other archaeological sites where Dr. Starbuck has worked. At Holmes House, we were able to piece together the artifacts and give a demonstration for the department. It’s fun working in the lab and being able to work with an eclectic group of people.””It gives me another insight into the various branches of anthropology. It gives a hands-on experience that you don’t get in the classroom. It has given me experience an one-leg up, so that I could go out and direct a dig. I can tell other students what I have learned and take a leadership role.”

Nicolas Garofalo, a PSU Marketing Major, serves as a mentor at the Pemi Youth Center. He is a Community Service Orientation Leader in the Class of 2014.

“Actively supporting my surrounding community just by donating my time can be especially rewarding. I live by the subtle “thank you” that I receive by those positively affected by my actions. A certain quote spoken by Ghandi comes to my mind; ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’.”

Allison Savage, an alumna with a B.S. degree in environmental science and policy.

“…my group partnered with Parks and Recreation of Plymouth to create a comprehensive trail map for Fox Pond Park at the end of Langdon Street. We did a lot of research in what they were looking for, which was basically just to have a good picture and a visual representation of what the trail system that exists is. We went out with GPS technology to mark our route as we walked all the trails. From the data we were able to upload it and create a map for the town…”

Monica McKeon, PSU Psychology Major, serves as a mentor at the Pemi Youth Center.

“I am able to have real world experiences with things that I would otherwise be learning only theoretically. I am able to learn things in the classroom that I can apply to real work experiences and real faces. My high point at the youth center was coming back after summer break and realizing that the kids not only remembered who I was, but missed me, and told me that they missed me. It was one way of being able to see that I made a difference in those kids’ lives.”

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