FY 2010 RAC Awards

Project Description Title: Climate Influences on Amphibian Phenology, Hermit Lake, Mt. Washington, NH
Category: Research
Project Director: Lisa Doner
Project Dates: Dec 15, 2008 – Dec 14, 2009
Amount Funded: $5,366

Project Description Title: Medieval and Renaissance Forum and Fair: Improving outreach efforts to New England scholars, PSU, and the Plymouth Community.
Category: Research/Outreach.
PI: Dr. Karolyn Kinane, Assistant Professor, Department of English, Plymouth State University
Project Dates: July 1, 2009-December 1, 2009.
Amount Funded: $1900

Project Description Title: Associations among Translation of Center of Foot Pressure, Balance, Functional Fitness, and Fear of Falling with Middle-to-Older Adults by Falls Risk
Category: Research/Outreach
Project Director: Deborah John
Project Dates: July 2009 – May 2010
Amount Funded: $3,000

Project Description Title: How Can We Help?: A Qualitative Needs Assessment for EcoHouse Outreach
Category: Research/Outreach
Project Director: Brian W. Eisenhauer and Katherine Donahue
Project Dates: August 2009 – May 2010
Amount Funded: $8,344

Project Description Title: Quantification of Qualitative Clinical Assessment in Rehabilitation.
Category: Research/Outreach
PI: Marjorie A. King
Project Dates: Summer 2009 – Spring 2010
Amount Funded: $ 655

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