Purpose, Strategies & Tasks

Provide comprehensive services to researchers/scholars, centers and colleges to enhance opportunities for external funding and in all aspects of sponsored projects.

  • Work with and oversee the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) to sustain and improve all aspects of support for externally-funded projects and programs.
    • Facilitate training opportunities for more effective faculty grant applications.
    • Communicate clear expectations about grant applications and external funding at PSU.
    • Identify new opportunities for external funding.
    • Track and communicate to faculty external funding opportunities.
    • Facilitate faculty, staff, and student proposals for external funding.
    • Coordinate timely and high-quality response to funding opportunities.
    • Help faculty and staff with effective budgets, project timelines, and other aspects of effective funding applications.
    • Help ensure timely and effective grant reporting.
    • Bolster confidence in PSU’s capacity for managing external funding among funders and partners.
  • Clarify objectives and improve the workflow within the Office of Sponsored Programs.
    • Provide leadership and strategic goals for the office.
    • Clarify expectations for individual employees, implement employee work- plans; and improve daily decision-making processes.
    • Establish strategies for more effective workflow and collaboration within the office.
    • Improve communications between the office and the departments.
    • Clarify priorities within the office and for individual employees.
    • Establish strategic indicators and clear objectives for the office.
    • Establish strategic indicators to track successful external funding and research at PSU.
    • Improve documentation within the office to improve workflow and communications with other PSU departments.
  • Improve and expand communications about research at PSU.
    • Showcase faculty, staff, and student research through web-based communications and social media, brownbag discussions, lectures, and conferences.
    • Identify and communicate opportunities for collaborative research endeavors among faculty, staff, students on campus; scholars at other colleges and universities; and other external partners.
  • Support PSU colleges, departments, and centers in their efforts to expand research efforts.
    • Communicate with deans, chairs, and directors about opportunities.
    • Provide support and training for administrative support staff in their efforts to effectively manage external funding.
  • Work with the offices of the President, Provost, University Relations, and Public relations to improve and expand communication about faculty research and expertise, and raise the profile of research on campus.
  • Increase direct student involvement in grant writing and research, which will include student assistants, interns, and students in specific courses (e.g. Community Research Experience, Nonprofit Management, and Technical Writing).
  • Coordinate with the Vice President for Finance and Administration, Administrative Business Operations, and Purchasing Office to ensure effective support for sponsored projects and programs.
  • Learn from other institutions and communicate “best practices” and “lessons learned” to PSU researchers and administrators.

Coordinate the regulatory functions with faculty committees for compliance in areas such as human subjects (IRB) research and care and use of Animals (IACUC).

  • Provide training and information for effective regulatory compliance for faculty, staff, and students.
  • Support IRB and IACUC committees in their efforts to provide guidance and regulatory oversight of research.
  • Provide training and information about ethics and high standards of research. o Support faculty, staff, and students in reporting

Provide leadership to the Research Advisory Council (RAC).

  • Provide administrative leadership (agenda setting and follow-through on tasks) for the RAC.
  • Seek counsel and creativity from the RAC.
    • Facilitate the RAC’s efforts in bolstering “the culture of research” on campus.
    • Identify opportunities to better support faculty, staff, and student research efforts.
    • Identify obstacles and structural barriers to effective faculty, staff, and student research on campus.

Coordinate the application and selection process and manage the Provost Research Development Fund.

  • Sustain and improve communications with faculty.
  • Ensure effective and timely distribution of the Provost’s RFP.
  • Work with faculty to improve the quality of applications.
  • Work with faculty to identify and enhance “follow-on activities” and external support for Provost-funded projects.
  • Work with grant recipients to communicate the outcomes of funded project through documentation, web-based communications, and on-campus conferences and events.
  • Coordinate and support RAC evaluation of grant applications.

Facilitate collaboration and engagement with the region in serving PSU’s mission.

  • Support both primary research/“pure research” and engaged scholarship in service to the region.
  • Facilitate collaborative opportunities with external partners.
  • Communicate about PSU research and expertise to external audiences.

Serve as the Service Learning Liaison and implement the charge of the Service Learning Taskforce.

  • Assemble and communicate information about existing service learning efforts. o Collaborate with deans, chairs, and faculty to support and enhance service learning opportunities.
  • Collaborate with the centers, Global Education Office, Community Service Learning Center, the Honors Program, and other units on campus to bolster opportunities for service learning on campus.
  • Work with external partners to identify opportunities for service learning.
  • Expand and enhance courses devoted to service learning, such as Community Research Experience.
  • Communicate with external partners about service learning success at PSU.
  • Work with others on campus to secure external funding for service learning.

Generally promote, advocate and serve as a resource to the campus about Service Learning, ensuring that Service Learning gains and retains momentum on the PSU campus.

  • Help implement recommendations of the Service Learning task force.
  • Identify and capitalize on synergy with other campus efforts.
  • Report on service learning success to PSU constituents and external partners via the Web, social media, press-releases, and other venues.
  • Work with the offices of the President, Provost, University Relations, Public Relations, Deans, Advancement, and others to raise the profile of service learning on campus and among external audiences.
  • Communicate about the importance of service learning and service learning opportunities on campus.
  • Communicate students, potential students, and students’ families about the value of service learning.
  • Raise the scholarly standards for service learning at PSU, which is distinguished from other volunteer activities.

The Vice Provost for Research and Engagement will support the centers, institutes and museums that emphasize research, outreach, and the scholarship of engagement.

  • Facilitate regular meetings of center directors as well as meetings with center directors and the deans to:
    • Improve communications among research units on campus.
    • Seek counsel and improve the climate for research on campus.
    • Learn about new opportunities, developing projects, and challenges to research on campus.
    • Communicate about upcoming funding opportunities, maximize collaboration, and minimize competition on particular grant opportunities.
    • Ensure timely reporting.
    • Enhance opportunities for collaboration among faculty and off-campus partners.

The Vice Provost for Research and Engagement may maintain active scholarship.

  • Conduct research, seek external funding, and collaborate on projects.
  • Publish and present scholarly findings.

The Vice Provost for Research and Engagement may work directly with students in classes and student assistance in the office of Research of Engagement.

  • Engage with students in research and service learning.
  • Work with students in seeking and reporting on external funding.

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