What are the available meal plans?

April 1st, 2012 by Kristi

Follow this link for all available meal plans and details.Due to limited cooking facilities, all first and second year students living in a residence hall are required to be on a meal plan. Juniors and seniors living anywhere on campus have the option to take a plan.Meal plan questions can be emailed to meal-plans@plymouth.edu. Please email the question from your PSU email account and include your student ID number.

Meals and (Board) FlexCash associated with meal plans are valid for the semester for which they are purchased and expire at the close of the corresponding undergraduate semester.

All mealplan changes must be requested in writing (online, fax, or regular mail).

The online form.

The fax is 603-535-2726.

When requesting a mealplan change by mail the student must include their student ID number and signature. The mailing address is:

  • Mealplan Requests
  • Department of Residential Life
  • Mary Lyon Lower Level, MSC 42
  • Plymouth State University
  • Plymouth, NH 03264

For more information, go to the Meal Plan Prices and Options web page.