Can I move in early?

April 14th, 2011 by Kristi

During the summer Plymouth State operates many conferences, events, and special functions that utilize the residence hall facilities. In addition to those functions we also take this time to renovate, repair, and clean the facilities. As a result, it is typically not possible to move in to your residence hall before the published opening day / time. Knowing this, we ask that you coordinate your move-in plans well in advance of the fall semester opening by arranging for transportation and, if needed, having family members available to assist you. For any additional questions, contact the residence director of your hall.

Students who are on fall semester athletic teams that are required by their coaches to return early, as well as students attending the early Community Service Orientation already have specific and special arrangements in place for earlier arrival. The specific details regarding this will be shared with you in advance by your coach or the program coordinator in advance.