Housing Selection Process

For Returning Students

Below you’ll find everything you need to know about the Housing Selection process for 2017-2018.

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Does it matter when I fill out my housing application?
Why can’t I select a space?
How do I request a roommate of a gender other than mine?
Are there additional gender-inclusive housing options available?
Why can’t I find my preferred roommate using the search tool?
How does a current student request a new or transfer student as a roommate?
How can a Grad student apply for housing?
Can I get a single room?
What if I opted out of the roommate matching but I am not looking for a single or a single is not available?
Can I keep my current assignment?
What if I want an apartment but there aren’t any available during my selection time?
What if I am not available at my selection time to choose a space on campus?
Who can select a space online and who must attend the in-person sessions of the selection process?
What happens when a roommate request is not mutual?
How many roommates can a student request and confirm?
  • Ranking numbers are based on a formula of age and credits. The lower the number, the more seniority a student has. The ranking number for a confirmed group equals the lowest ranking number of the students within that group. Your ranking number will be emailed to you at your PSU email address.
  • A confirmed group is a group of 2-4 students who all request and confirm each other as roommates.
  • A booking is a room selection.
  • Staying– the first phase of the housing selection process where students may book a space in their current residence hall/area.
  • Moving– the last phase of the housing selection process where students may book any available space on campus.
  • Selection times are based on ranking number and are different for the Staying phase and Moving phase of the selection process. Selection times for Staying are posted online. Selection times for Moving will be emailed.