Belknap Hall

Residence Director: Olubukola “Bukky” Olugbemi

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Office: 535-2283

About Belknap Hall: Belknap Hall is a co-ed residence hall that houses 220 students. In addition to the RD, 7 Community Advisors and a number of student Office Assistants staff the facility. It is located conveniently near the Library on the southwest side of campus.

Belknap features a large recreation area with a pool table, a ping pong table, and a TV. It also features a closed off study area with computers. Belknap is conveniently located near the library. Another perk for living in Belknap is its close proximity to the parking lot.

When asked what some of the best things about living in Belknap are, students responded with answers like this: “The community. Everyone knows everyone and there is no pressure to be anything but yourself.” “Comfortable spacious room” “The lobby, pool/ping pong” “The cool people on my floor and the awesome CA’s” “Friendly atmosphere” “Roommates” “Closeness to campus, ability to walk almost anywhere” “It’s close to the library and it’s a nice place to live” “It’s clean and quiet.”

In the past …

Built in 1969, Belknap Hall was a women’s residence hall that could house 207 occupants. In 1974 Belknap became the first residence hall on campus to change to coed living. It was soon followed by Pemi and Blair. Belknap is named after our neighboring county to the south.