Langdon Woods Room information

Here is some information about your room:

Furnishings: All residents are provided with a 10-position bed and twin extra-long mattress, a desk, desk chair, a 3-drawer dresser, and a wardrobe. Suite common rooms are furnished with a chair, couch, and three tables. Furniture may not be removed from rooms at any time.

Flooring: All rooms are carpeted. Bathrooms have laminate flooring. In suites, hallways have laminate tile.

Windows: Window sizes vary slightly in Langdon Woods. Shades are provided for each window.

Lofts: Loft extension sets are available to residents of Langdon Woods. Those interested in a loft may request an extension set on check-in day. Loft sets will be delivered to rooms as soon as possible.  Homemade lofts are not permitted in our residential facilities.

Appliances and Electronics (Energy Star if possible): All appliances must be UL listed. Coffee pots and irons must be equipped with automatic shut off devices. Low wattage electrical equipment (clocks, radios, etc.) must also be UL listed. Extension cord use is not permitted. Residents should use only power strips equipped with a circuit breaker.

Refrigerators: Refrigerators 5 cubic ft. or smaller are permitted.

Microwaves: Small microwave ovens are permitted.

Property Insurance options and information.

For fire safety purposes, the following are not permitted:

  • Open coil appliances (toaster ovens, Foreman-style grills and sandwich makers, hot plates, anything with an exposed heating element, etc.)
  • Candles (whether burned or not), incense
  • Halogen lights / lamps of any kind

There is NO STORAGE available in Langdon Woods. Please only bring what you will need for the season.

Cable TV: Cable television access is available in all student rooms. Students must provide their own coaxial cable of an appropriate length.

Residential Computing Network (ResNET): All student rooms have access to ResNET. Students wishing to obtain network access can arrange for service upon arrival. The Help Desk, located in the Lamson Learning Commons, can answer all of your computing and network related questions, x2929.

Bicycle Storage: Access to the bicycle storage room is available to residents on a first-come basis. Requests for bike storage keys will be taken on check-in day. This room offers residents a place to hang and secure their bicycles with convenient access directly outdoors.

Can I Move-in Early? During the summer Plymouth State operates many conferences and events in the residence halls. We also take this time to renovate, repair, and clean the facilities. As a result, it is typically not possible to move in to your residence hall before the published opening day / time. Please contact the Langdon Woods Manager with any questions regarding your arrival.