Presentations and Panels

Presentations and Panels

The S.A.G.E. Center provides presentations to help make the campus more aware of the struggles some of its students face and educate others on how to be more supportive and welcoming. These presentations may be created with students in mind, but many can be adjusted to be given to an office or department if that time is provided. Please keep checking with this page as we fully intent to expand our list of presentations.

  • A Better Campus: Bystander Intervention Training: We want our students to stand up for each other and call out injustice when they see it and we want students to feel comfortable intervening in potentially harmful situations before any harm occurs. This presentation helps students recognize warning signs, provides intervening tactics, and then refocuses students on getting to resources.
  • LGBTQ+Student Panels: A group of LGBTQ+ Identified students will join a SAGE Coordinator in your classroom and offer their stories and their thoughtful perspectives on your students questions to help their peers understand their setbacks and triumphs in coming to terms with their identity and how the people around them helped or hindered that process.

Scheduling a Presentation

While the LGBTQ+ Student Panel has its own request page, any presentation can be requested by contacting the SAGE Coordinator Kyle O’Neill at or at 535-2388.

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