What is Advocacy?

Advocacy at the S.A.G.E. Center seeks to influence social change by empowering individuals who may be vulnerable, isolated or disadvantaged in some way.  Effective advocacy can enable people to have their rights and interests given the same consideration as those of the rest of society. Listed below are some advocacy based services offered.

  • Academic Advocacy
  • Medical Advoacy
  • Legal /Judicial Advocacy
  • Campus and Community Based Advocacy

What is an Advocate?

The role of a S.A.G.E. Center advocate is not to provide intensive therapy, but to provide support and understanding for each individual experience.  We can provide a listening ear, a supportive voice and a conduit to other resources and services both on campus and in your community.

Advocates can help individuals:

  • Express their views and concerns
  • Access information and services
  • Defend and promote their rights and responsibilities
  • Explore options and choices

If you would like to schedule a time to meet with an advocate please call 603-535-2387 or email Delilah Smith at


December 17th, 2012 by Michael

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