• 1982: In 1982, “The Center for Women’s Services” was first established within Plymouth State College’s Division of Student Affairs.  During this time a space in the basement of the Bagley House was the Centers designated location with a program coordinator hired at 88% time.
  • 1994:  In 1994, the Center underwent its first name change to better reflect service provision.  The name then shifted from “The Center for Women’s Services” to “Women’s Services and Gender Resources”.  Also during this time, the Center moved from the basement of the Bagley House to the second floor of Holmes House.
  • 2003:  In 2003, the program coordinator’s position was increased to 92% and the center employed 6 undergraduate student assistances.
  • 2007: In 2007, the center noticed an increased demand for programs and services specific to the LGBT population.  Because of this demand, the director and the advisory council decided to expand the centers mission to include LGBT students, ultimately resulting in a name change that reflected this shift.  The name was then changed from “Women’s Services and Gender Resources” to the “S.A.G.E. Center”.  Also during this time, the Center moved from the Holmes House to the Hogan House.
  • 2012: In the fall of 2012, a restructuring took place under the Student Affairs umbrella placing the S.A.G.E. Center organizationally under the Division of Student Affairs with the S.A.G.E. Center Director reporting to the Dean of Students. Also during this time the University received a suicide prevention grant in which the S.A.G.E. Center Director became project manager which ultimately resulted in percent time increasing to 100%.
  • 2014: In the summer of 2014 the S.A.G.E. Center said goodbye to long-time director Delilah Smith as she pursued other career opportunities. The S.A.G.E. Center is now run by two coordinators who are supervised the Associate Dean of Student Affairs.


December 17th, 2012 by Michael

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