OSP Staff


The field of sponsored programs serves a critical function within colleges and universities with respect to external funding and compliance with federal rules and regulations. An office of sponsored programs has the dual responsibility of assisting faculty staff and students in their grant funding efforts, as well as ensuring fulfillment of agreements with external sponsors.

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) at PSU is here to help faculty, staff, and students with their grant-funding efforts in compliance federal regulations, the wishes of sponsors, and best practices in the field.

OSP is here to help with grant awards and subawards with other organizations. We help negotiate the terms and expectations of funders and external partners in ways that serve the best interest of Plymouth State University. External funding can be complicated, and we are here to help.



  • Discuss project concepts and possible collaborations
  • Provide training workshops for PI’s Chairs and Administrative staff
  • Provide support to faculty & staff in efforts to find external funding
  • Application and budget preparation support
  • Acquisition of Internal Approval Routing
  • Award implementation
  • Budget monitoring
  • Payroll services for grant-funded personnel
  • Billing services
  • Financial reports








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