Fall 2011 UG Refund Process/Schedule

August 25th, 2011 by Cheryl

Thursday, September 1st (the first day of classes), is the first day federal loans will disburse to your online bill.  If this disbursement creates an actual overpayment on your fall term bill, a ‘Request Refund’ button will appear.  Simply complete the online form and ensure the appropriate information for your checking/savings account is entered.  FYI:  Incorrect banking information can delay the access to your money by one or two weeks depending on your bank, so be sure you enter it correctly or double check the information that is pre-populated as a result of an earlier request.

The first day any fall refund request will be paid to the student is Friday, September 9, 2011, the Friday after the Add/Drop period ends.   In order to receive your refund on September 9th, you need to submit your online request on or before 4pm on Tuesday, September 6th. 

NOTE: if your overpayment is the result of a PLUS loan, you will not have a ‘Request Refund’ button on your bill after your PLUS loan pays to your account on or after August 31st.  If you need access to these monies, your parent borrower must complete the 2011-2012 PLUS Refund Release Authorization Form.  Once the Bursar’s Office receives this authorization, it will be processed within 24 business hours (M-F) and a ‘Request Refund’ button will be made available to you.

For information about the refund process, please visit the Bursar’s Office web page at www.plymouth.edu/office/bursar/student-refunds/

May 13th, 2014 by Eric

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