Outside Scholarships

Non Plymouth State University Scholarships and Grants

In order for an outside scholarship/grant to be applied to your tuition bill as an expected payment, the following must occur prior to the bill due date:

Step 1: Notify the Financial Aid Office of your award

Complete and return this Outside Scholarship Form (PDF). Note: The amount of your scholarship may have an impact on your Financial Aid package.

Step 2: Mail Award Letter or Certificate to:

Plymouth State University
Student Account Services
17 High Street MSC #19
Plymouth, NH  03264

Please be sure the following information is included or the form(s) will be rejected.

  • Your full name and student ID number
  • Scholarship name, address, phone number and copy of award
  • Amount of scholarship
  • Term (Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring)

Step 3: Plymouth State University  Bills the Agency

Plymouth State University automatically bills out for all scholarships based on the award letters it receives.  Should you receive the check directly, please be sure to properly endorse the check as necessary and forward it to Student Account Services at the address above.

Student Account Services will account for this expected payment for up to 45 days after the start of the semester.  If payment is not received within this time frame, the expected payment will be removed from the online bill and it will become the student’s responsibility to pay immediately any outstanding balances in order to avoid a 1.5% interest late fee.


If your scholarship award is contingent upon grades and will not be paid to the University until the end of the semester, this award will be considered an expected payment for the following term.

Important Note:

Awards that will not be issued unless a student can prove “financial need” can not be counted as an expected payment on the tuition bill.  In such cases, the bill will need to be paid by other means.


You must have an actual overpayment on your account in order to be eligible for a refundRefunds will not be issued based on expected payments.


Some agencies take longer than others to pay their bill.  Students, therefore, should not count on this money for living expenses at the start of the semester.  Plan accordingly.

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