Undergraduate Student Payment Plans

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PSU has contracted with Tuition Management Systems (TMS) to offer payment plans open to all undergraduate students in a degree or certificate program.

Key Features of TMS monthly payment plans:        

  • Plans are interest free.
  • Choice – choose from ‘Fall/Spring’ plans to cover the full academic year or ‘Term Only’ plans (see chart below).
  • Payment options – pay online, by phone, mail, or set up automatic ACH payments. Pay by electronic or paper check, or debit/credit card (convenience charge will apply).
  • Adjustable – amount paid through the plan can be adjusted to accommodate changes such as receiving an unexpected scholarship or choosing to use less in loans. Please see the ‘After Enrolling’ section below regarding how to make changes.

To Enroll:

  1. Review the table below and decide which of the currently available plans you wish to enroll in.
  2. Determine the amount to pay through the plan. If you wish to enroll before the PSU online bill is available, the interactive Bill Estimator can help you determine the amount. NOTE:  The Bill Estimator uses estimated rates.  Be sure to check your PSU online bill when it is available in July and adjust your plan as necessary (see ‘After Enrolling’ section below).
  3. Click here and follow the steps.  Need help?  Tuition Management System’s phone number is at the bottom of each enrollment page (1-800-722-4867).

After Enrolling:

  1. Register online with TMS to view your plan, make online payments and budget adjustments.
  2. Monitor your PSU online bill to be sure it is covered in full and make adjustments as needed to ensure you do not overpay or underpay. Adjust your plan online through TMS or by calling TMS directly at 1-800-722-4867. TMS will not automatically adjust your plan balance; it is the payer’s responsibility to make adjustments.

Plan Options for the 2015-2016 Academic Year*:

Enrollment Information
Plan Options Fee Sign-up Opens Sign-up Ends at 4:00pm Payments are Due on the 10th of these months:
Fall/Spring Plans:
12-pay $65 Feb 20 May 8, 4:00pm May – April
11-pay $65 Feb 20 June 10, 4:00pm June – April
10-pay $65 Feb 20 July 13, 4:00pm July – April
9-pay $65 July 1 Aug 11, 4:00pm August – April
Fall Only Plans:
6-pay $40 Feb 20 May 8, 4:00pm May – October
5-pay $40 Feb 20 June 10, 4:00pm June – October
4-pay $40 Feb 20 July 13, 4:00pm July – October
Spring Only Plans:
6-pay $40 Sep 29 Nov 10, 4:00pm November – April
5-pay $40 Nov 10 Dec 10, 4:00pm December – April
4-pay  $40  Dec 10  Jan 8, 4:00pm  January – April

*Please note:  PSU reserves the right to cancel any payment plan category or individual payment plan.

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