Kerry Keating

Kerry Keating

Senior Director of Operations

MBA leadership development
Undergraduate degrees in Equestrian Science and Business, with a minor in Marketing

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About Kerry
Kerry came to PSU in 2004 after having lived in Missouri for over a decade. She received both her undergraduate degrees and master’s degree while in MO and moved back to her home state of NH to be closer to family. Prior to taking the operations and facilities position here at Plymouth State University, Kerry coordinated two off-campus locations for Moberly Area Community College where she spent 5 years learning about management and facilitation of both new building development and current building redesigns. Kerry also spent 4 years at Columbia College where she acted as the Director of Student Activities and Leadership Development, and while there she earned her MBA in Leadership Development.

Now, in the Hartman Union Building, Kerry blends her previous work experience assisting the Student Activities Office, over 90 student organizations, and departments across campus reserve, plan, and carry out events throughout the year. To support these events, she oversees all building operations including maintenance of the facility, cleaning and furniture purchases to ensure the HUB is a lively and vibrant venue for events and gatherings. In addition to this, the HUB handles thousands of meetings each year and Kerry is responsible for making sure all meeting rooms are multimedia accessible and set up according to meeting needs.

Not related to actual facilities, Kerry works diligently overseeing the many web sites associated with the HUB and orchestrates assessment within the department. She has over 40 student employees which she invests much of her time training and educating for future employment, and supervises the HUB Tech crew and the HUB’s Graphic Design intern.

Interesting tid-bit: Kerry has an undergraduate degree in equestrian science and completed her degree proficiencies (areas of expertise) in both hunter jumper and western pleasure.

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