Karen Weldon

Karen Weldon

Reservationist & Event Coordinator

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About Karen
Karen came to Plymouth in 1996 and worked as the event coordinator at Silver Center until 2014 when she came to the HUB. Karen’s depth of knowledge coupled with a helpful and positive attitude make her a shining example of what the Plymouth State community is all about. Karen handles reservations and coordinates the ever-changing needs of the many groups that use the various spaces within the HUB. Her extensive knowledge of the campus and its functions allow her to help people with nearly any question they may have when it comes to planning their event at PSU.

Fun facts about Karen: She speaks German, and recently quit drinking coffee – cold turkey. She once entered a bank to apply for a checking account with a man she’d never met, posing as a married couple; and yet she claims not to be a secret agent… you can decide for yourself when you meet her. Or call her up to plan your next event at the HUB!

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