Edye Levin

Assistant Director of Student Activities

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Edye is a new professional staff starting her long and exciting career in Student Affairs as the Assistant Director of Student Activities, focusing on Programming.  Before moving to PSU, she attended Salem State University as a member of the Higher Education and Student Affairs 2013 cohort.  Edye developed several passions outside of the Student Affairs world.  Growing up near the ocean, Edye developed a love for the vast body of water, and all the creatures that live inside it.  Along with loving the ocean, she spends a lot of time walking the beach and collecting Sea Glass.  Edye is also a certified SCUBA diver and has had many encounters with Dolphins, Manta Rays, Sea Turtles, and a Nurse Shark!  Her dream is to SCUBA dive with a whale, which happens to be one of her favorite sea creatures.

Edye also LOVES to sing!  She is constantly singing various top 20 hits, as well as some 90s Boy Band tracks in her office all day along.  Her typical repertoire includes Adele, Beyonce, Backstreet Boys, Alicia Keys, OAR, Michael Franti, and Jack Johnson.  Her favorite TV shows include Scandal, Revenge, Once Upon a Time, The Voice, Say Yes to the Dress, and the Office.  Her favorite movie of all time would have to be “10 Things I Hate About You” and if she had to choose one food to eat for the rest of her life, hands down, it would be Ice Cream!

Edye is excited to continue her career at Plymouth State University and assist students with exciting programming opportunities for the Student Body!  Through her creative, positive, and enthusiastic attitude, she is hoping to spread positive vibes throughout the entire PSU population!


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