Alcohol, Marijuana, and Other Drug Sanctions

Alcohol and Drug violations that occur on and off campus may be addressed through the Plymouth State University Student Conduct system. If a student is found in violation he or she will receive a sanction/s. Below is a list of drug and alcohol policy violations and the standard sanction/s that is generally imposed. This list is not all-inclusive and in some situations the sanctions may be altered and/or additional sanctions may be imposed.

Alcohol violation (initial)

  • On Campus Talking About Alcohol (OCTAA) class (12 hrs/ $75 – $125 fee)
  • Parental notification

Alcohol violation (second)

  • Alcohol assessment with counselor
  • Additional sanctions depending on situation

Alcohol use resulting in hospitalization (underage or of age)

  • OCTAA class (12 hrs/$75 – $125 fee)
  • Meet with counselor for assessment
  • Parental notification (for dependent students and for of age students who’s health or safety may be at risk)
  • Meet with Associate Dean of Students

Alcohol – Keg or large source of common alcohol in university housing

  • Relocation or eviction from Residential Life
  • May have additional sanctions

Alcohol- Illegal Sale of

  • Suspension from the university

Marijuana violation (Initial)

  • Marijuana Class (3hrs/ $75-$125 fee)
  • Disciplinary probation for 1 year
  • Parental notification
  • Relocation or eviction from Residential Life

Possession or evidence of use of illegal drugs (drugs other than marijuana)

  • Suspension from the university

Sale or evidence of intent to sell illegal drugs (including marijuana).

  • Suspension from the university
  • Parental notification