Entry and Search

Plymouth State University regards the right to privacy as an essential freedom. Premises occupied by students may not be entered without the consent of the students, except in the following circumstances:

  • Residential life health and safety inspections, Thanksgiving Break Closings, Winter Break Closings, and Spring Break Closings to insure the health, cleanliness, safety, and maintenance of the residence halls and apartments. During inspections, if a policy violation comes to the attention of staff (ex. candle), it may be addressed through the student conduct process.
  • Routine inspections, emergency repairs and/or routine maintenance. Such activities do not include searches, but are for the purpose of inspection, maintenance and repair. A record of such activities is maintained by Facility Services and students may obtain information regarding the work done by contacting the facility service office.
  • Entries authorized in advance by the President or Vice President of Student Affairs (or designee) in writing based upon reliable information that such entry is necessary for the purpose of removing items, including but not limited to, weapons or other contraband, which pose a threat to the health or safety of students, faculty, staff or guests. The scope of any search conducted pursuant to this authorization shall extend no further than is necessary to secure and remove the item(s) posing the threat to health or safety and specifically identified in the written authorization.
  • Entries and searches authorized by law. Entries and searches conducted by duly and authorized law enforcement officials (including university police) under circumstances authorized by law.
  • Entry may be made to insure the health and safety of occupants. Examples include, but are not limited to; fire or alarm evacuations, smell of smoke or burning items, and concern for non-responsive occupants.
  • Appropriate staff may enter if a clear preponderance of evidence exists that a violation of residential life or university policy is taking place. Efforts will be made to seek compliance from the residents of the space before this type of entry is made.