Student Conduct Officers, Boards, and Panels

It is the responsibility of hearing officers and conduct boards comprised of a single hearing officer, students, faculty and/or staff to address conduct related matters.

The same university official may fully hear a conduct case including but not limited to the following: document an incident or receive incident reports/police reports, review the reports, conduct interviews with the accused student and witnesses, send notice to a student regarding charges, serve as the hearing officer and impose sanctions.

Violations (major and minor) that take place on or off campus may be heard by the Associate Dean of Students, a student conduct hearing panel, or another designated hearing officer. Reviews of these cases are heard by a designated hearing officer, the Dean of Students or the Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs.

Violations that take place within residential life may be heard by a residence director, associate dean of students or another appropriate hearing officer or a student conduct hearing panel. Review of those decisions may be heard by the Associate Dean of Students or another appropriate hearing officer or student conduct panel.

Hearing venues are determined by the presiding conduct administrator. Student conduct panels and hearing officers may be utilized depending on case circumstances, caseload, or judgment of the appropriate administrator. All appeal reviews, if granted, will be in accordance with the procedures noted in the appeal process.