Student Conduct Records

Plymouth State University maintains for each student who has interacted with the conduct system, a written and electronic record that may include the nature of the violation, the sanction imposed and other pertinent information regarding the incident. Conduct records are kept in the offices of the Dean of Students, Residence Directors, Apartment Managers and the Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs. The conduct record is separate from the student’s academic record, but is considered to be part of the student’s entire ‘educational record’.

Release of Conduct Information
Case summaries of any violations may be published as a public service. Names of students may not be released unless a student committed a violent crime or sex offense.

Information regarding violations that are defined as a violent crime or non-forcible sex offense under the Higher Education Amendments of 1998 may be released to the public. When a student has been found responsible for such a violation (and if appealed the decision is upheld) the student’s name, the violation committed, and the sanctions imposed may be released to the public.

Prior Disciplinary/Conduct Records
If a student is found responsible for a policy violation his or her prior conduct record may be taken into consideration in determining a sanction for the current violation.

Having a prior conduct record may result in a more severe sanction(s). Prior conduct records may include, but are not limited to, previous violations, previous sanctions, failure to complete sanctions, residence hall log entries, etc.

Purging of Conduct Files

Written conduct records of students who have graduated or left PSU may be purged after 7 years of leaving the university with the exception of those students who have been expelled or who have pending conduct matters.

Written conduct records of students who have been expelled or who left with pending conduct matters may be maintained indefinitely.

The university, for longitudinal records, may retain conduct records in the computer information system indefinitely.

Additional information regarding student records may be found under FERPA in the rights of students section of this handbook.

Conduct Notations on Transcripts and Notification to USNH Institutions

If a student is suspended or expelled from Plymouth State University a ‘student conduct withdrawal’ is noted on the student’s official transcript.  In the case of suspension the student will be ineligible to register or attend classes at any University System of New Hampshire (USNH) institution for the duration of the suspension. In the case of expulsion the student will be ineligible to register or attend classes at any USNH institution for two years following the date of the expulsion.

If a student is in alleged violation of a Plymouth State University policy or expectation and withdraws from the university prior to participating in a hearing, the other USNH institutions may be notified and the student may be ineligible to register for or attend classes at any of those institutions as long as the conduct matter remains pending.