Policies and Expectations


Plymouth State University’s commitment to developing good citizenship does not end at the boundaries of the campus. Our students serve as ambassadors of our institution. The university expects students to know and abide by the ordinances and regulations of the Town of Plymouth, university rules, policies and expectations, as well as laws that apply to all citizens. PSU has jurisdiction over any student or student organization alleged to have violated the Standards of Student Conduct regardless of where that violation takes place, on or off campus. Any alleged violation of university policy may result in conduct follow-up.

The university policies listed in this handbook are not all inclusive. Additional policies may be found on department/office web sites and in department/office publications.

NOTE: Some individual policies may include a specific breakdown of violations that may seem repetitive. This is done to indicate levels of severity in conduct records.

Major Policy Violations That Will Likely Result in Suspension and May Result in Expulsion, In Addition, These Violations Will Likely Result in Immediate Interim Sanctions

(See interim sanctions in student conduct section of the student handbook)

  • Sale or evidence of intent to sell illegal drugs.
  • Possession or evidence of use of illegal drugs, other than marijuana.
  • Illegal sale of alcohol.
  • Arson or attempted arson.
  • Maliciously causing a false fire alarm.
  • The commission and conspiracy to commit hate crime related activities.
  • Physical/sexual assault or attempted physical/sexual assault.
  • Instigating or attempting to instigate a riot.

Violations That Will Likely Lead To Relocation or Suspension

  • Presence of a keg or other large common source of alcohol in university housing.
  • Intentional damage or destruction of university or residential life property.
  • Use of fireworks within university housing or adjacent property.
  • Throwing or dropping potentially dangerous objects from or at university property.
  • Disabling of fire safety equipment.

Policies and Expectations