• Students, faculty, and staff are expected to comply with local, state, and federal laws relating to the possession, use, or distribution of alcohol and other drugs when they are on University property or taking part in university activities.
  • The consumption of alcohol by students, faculty, and staff of legal age, on university property or during university activities, is a privilege and not a right.
  • Due to concerns for personal safety, safety of others and for the image of the university, it is expected, that discretion be used when consuming alcoholic beverages either on or away from university property.
  • Those who do choose to consume alcohol should know and respect their own limits and practice legal and low-risk drinking behaviors.
  • The influence of alcohol will not excuse or justify an individual’s actions, which are a violation of state, federal or local laws, university regulations, or the rights of others.
  • Any individual or group who provides or procures alcohol for another person shares in the responsibility for that person’s behavior and safety while under the influence of alcohol.

The following are against PSU policies:

  1. Unlawful use or possession, internal or external, of alcohol.
  2. Providing, procuring, supplying or distributing alcohol to a minor.
  3. Providing an environment for an underage person to consume alcohol.
  4. Severe intoxication.
  5. Threat to self or others while under the influence of a substance.
  6. Abuse or misuse of a substance.
  7. Inappropriate conduct while under the influence of a substance.
  8. Administering alcohol to a person for the purpose of inducing his or her incapacity.

The following are against university housing policies:

  1. Keg and/or other large common source of alcohol.
  2. Under age person in the presence of alcohol.
  3. Alcohol paraphernalia with evidence of use or intent to be used illegally or in violation of university policy. Examples include but are not limited to: empty alcohol containers, including those used for decoration; alcohol container boxes; funnels.

EXCEPTIONS to university housing policies:

Of age students living in residence halls may store and consume alcohol in their room under the following circumstances:

  • No alcoholic beverage may be opened or used while any underage person is present in the room.
  • The room door remains closed when an alcoholic beverage is open.
  • No other alcohol and drug policy is violated.

Of age students living in university apartments may store and consume alcohol in their apartment under the following circumstances:

  • No alcoholic beverage may be opened or consumed while any underage person (with the exception of underage roommates) is present in the apartment.
  • No other alcohol and drug policy is violated.

Underage students living in the university apartments may be in the presence of alcohol if:

  • They are within their assigned apartment, and
  • They are not consuming alcohol, and
  • They have at least one roommate who is 21 or older.

Policies and Procedures for Alcoholic Beverage Services for University Events/Activities

Plymouth State University believes it is appropriate that alcoholic beverage services be allowed at some university activities and does periodically provide such service for student organizations, faculty/staff department sponsored activities, and for summer conferences and off campus groups. Procedures and policies that pertain to the service of alcoholic beverages are as follows:

  1. All New Hampshire laws relating to the service of alcoholic beverages must be adhered to at all times. All Town of Plymouth ordinances that pertain to alcoholic beverage service and “open container” of alcohol laws must be adhered to on university property.
  2. PSU students who are sponsoring an event on university property and desire to have alcoholic beverage services provided at the event must seek approval through the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs, Student Life. Any other persons who are sponsoring an event and desire to have alcoholic beverage services provided at the event must seek approval through the Manager of Conferences and Special Events. Depending on the specific size, type, and location of the activity, it will be determined whether the food service catering license or a one-day permit to serve alcoholic beverages will be needed. No alcoholic beverages can be sold at any function that occurs on university property without the proper state license. Only authorized staff of the food service company or a department possessing a state-granted one-day permit will be allowed to serve alcoholic beverages. Exceptions: The following will be exempted from procedural provisions of this section and shall be approved on a case by case basis by the institution. Under no conditions will students participate in these events. Official university events sponsored by the PSU Office of the President. Events held at Frost Academic Commons utilizing the university’s food service catering liquor license and served by such authorized staff. Frost Academic Commons Board must notify the President and Provost for approval to sponsor faculty events that include alcoholic beverages. All such events must be in accordance with Frost Commons Board procedures.
  3. Non-alcoholic beverages and food must be provided at any event where alcoholic beverages are available.
  4. BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle) events are not permitted at Plymouth State University.
  5. Persons may be refused alcoholic beverage service if they are not in possession of a picture identification card with positive date of birth (driver’s license, passport, or military identification card as per N.H. State Law).
  6. See residential life policies pertaining to use and possession of alcoholic beverages in university residential housing and facilities.
  7. Alcoholic beverages should not be served or consumed in academic classrooms or in any offices on campus. Service of alcoholic beverages will only be approved for function or meeting rooms on campus. There may be special occasions when alcoholic beverages will be allowed in campus dining facilities.
  8. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in university vehicles.
  9. Due to N.H. State laws, liability issues and concern for the health and well being of individuals, alcoholic beverage servers will not serve anyone who is intoxicated (adopted by PSU President Wharton, and effective 11/30/94).