Bicycles should be operated in a responsible and safe manner.

  1. Excessive speed on campus property is prohibited.
  2. Bicyclists must yield to pedestrians along walkways and pathways (areas closed to emergency vehicles).
  3. Bicycles may not be operated on any maintained lawns or garden areas.
  4. Bicycles may not be operated by anyone under the influence of an intoxicating liquor or controlled drug.
  5. Bicycles must be parked in designated bike racks on campus.
  6. Bicycles may not be stored in the lounges, hallways, stairwells or on porches of university buildings.
  7. Bicycles may not be operated in any area that could interfere with the right of safe passage or which creates excessive noise, or may potentially cause damage to property.
  8. Bicycles must be walked in the area between the west side of Memorial Hall and the Hartman Union Building.

Applicable within university housing:

  1. Bicycles may not be operated in any residential life facility.
  2. Bicycles may be stored in a student’s personal residence hall room or apartment with the expressed permission of roommate/s (this is a privilege and not a right) and in an authorized storage room or on provided bicycle racks outside.
  3. If stored in a room, the bike may not be hung directly from the wall or from any exposed structure such as light fixtures, piping or smoke detectors.