Students are expected to comply in a reasonable manner with the following:

  1. Alcohol and drug policies, laws and regulations.
  2. Campus police officers and student officers in the execution of their duties.
  3. University policies, rules, and regulations.
  4. Decisions of conduct hearing officers, boards and panels.
  5. Law enforcement agencies (town, state, and federal) in the execution of their duties.
  6. No Smoking Regulations.
  7. Official processes of the university.
  8. Request to meet with an authorized university official.
  9. Residential life policies.
  10. Residential life staff in the execution of their duties.
  11. Solicitation or sales policies.
  12. State and federal gambling laws.
  13. Terms and conditions of lease agreements for university housing.
  14. Terms of disciplinary sanctions.
  15. Request to meet with a university official.
  16. Request to identify oneself or show proper identification to university officials, staff, faculty, or police.