Electrical Appliances

Applicable in university housing:

If electrical appliances are used, it is expected that safe conditions be maintained.

In all residence hall rooms and apartments:

  1. All electrical appliances must be UL listed.
  2. Only UL listed power strips may be used to extend appliance cords to electrical outlets. Extension cords may not be used.
  3. Electric blankets and halogen lamps are not allowed.
  4. Air conditioners, clothes washers and dryers, dishwashers, waterbeds, hot tubs and similar items are not allowed.
  5. Television or radio antennae which are placed outside windows or anywhere on the exterior of the building or adjacent grounds are not allowed.

In residence hall rooms:

  1. Compact refrigerators no larger than 5 cubic feet are allowed.
  2. Microwave ovens no larger than .6 cubic feet are allowed.
  3. Open coiled appliances, including but not limited to, hot plates, toasters, heating/immersion coils, electric fry pans, toaster ovens, are not allowed.