Guests of students, faculty, and staff of the university are expected to act appropriately and in accordance with residential life and university policies and town ordinances/laws. Failure to abide by expectations may lead to criminal action and/or loss of visitation privileges.

Applicable for all students:

Students are responsible for the conduct of, including damages done by, his/her guest whether or not the guest is invited. A student may be held  accountable through the student conduct process for the actions/damages of his/her guest.

Applicable within university housing:

It is a privilege and not a right for a guest to be in the residence halls. A residential life staff person may request that a guest leave at anytime if the guest’s behavior is inappropriate, in conflict with community expectations or residential life/university policies, or is jeopardizing the well being of residents.

  1. Advance permission must be given by all roommates residing in a room or apartment prior to a guest staying overnight.
  2. Residents are allowed to have guests stay over night for short periods of time.
  3. Guests accommodated overnight must follow registration guidelines pertaining to the hall or apartment area they are staying in.
  4. Guests who are not accompanied by a resident of the building they are visiting may be asked to leave.