Applicable for university housing:

Lofts are permitted but must be in accordance with the guidelines stated below and approved by residential life staff.

Loft Guidelines:

  1. Loft construction must only be done when quiet hours are not in effect.
  2. The residents of the room assume full responsibility for any damages to the room caused by the loft construction project. The university assumes no responsibility or liability for any injuries to occupants of the room or their guests as a result of the loft being in place.
  3. Lofts must be located and constructed in such a way that they do not interfere with or obstruct access to windows, plumbing, heating units, telephones, life-safety equipment, or the exit/entrance to the room.
  4. Lofts are to be free-standing. Bolts, nails or other fasteners are not to be attached to the wall, ceiling, or floor to support the loft.
  5. Attached room fixtures (lights, electrical outlets, desks, closets and heating units) may not be removed, altered or relocated as a result of the loft construction project.
  6. Lofts are to be completely dismantled and removed from the room when the occupant vacates the room or by a time specified by the Residence Director (usually before finals quiet hours begin in the spring).
  7. A minimum of 24 inches must be left vacant between the top surface of the loft sleeping area and ceiling.
  8. No loft construction project may be completed without adherence to these guidelines.
  9. The loft shall be inspected and approved by a residence hall staff member.

University staff and/or the Plymouth Fire Department have the right to determine danger of lofts and require their removal.