Plymouth and Holderness Town Ordinances


Breaches of the Peace &Large Parties/Gatherings: It is against the law to make loud or unreasonable noises in a private place, which can be heard in a public place or other private places, which noise would disturb a person of average sensibilities. If officers are confronted with a violation of the ordinance, they may and are encouraged to, issue citations. Each offense (including the first one) is subject to a fine up to $1000.00. The Police Department will also write a letter to the property owner explaining the need for a police response. Request for large gathering permits may be acquired at the Plymouth Police Department.

Carrying an Open Container of Alcohol: It is unlawful for any person, regardless of age, to carry an open container of an alcoholic beverage on any public road, sidewalk, parking lot or the Town Common in the Town of Plymouth. Can result in a fine up to $1000. It should also be noted that surrounding communities have similar ordinances.

Overnight Parking: Overnight parking on any town street from September 1st to June 1st is not permitted. $40.00 fine. $65 to have boot removed from vehicle.

Public Consumption of Alcohol: Plymouth and other area communities prohibit public consumption of alcohol and impose fines for violation up to $1000. These ordinances are vigorously enforced – anyone choosing to violate them can expect to be arrested.