Riot/Group Behavior


Initiating, attempting to initiate or participating in a riot activity is not permitted. This is an activity where multiple persons act together and engage in aggressive or violent conduct that causes or has the potential to cause a threat or danger to a community.

Some behaviors that may be considered riotous/group behavior if it is in connection with the above policy (this list is not all inclusive) are setting fires, major disturbances of the peace, throwing bottles or other objects, damaging, destroying or defacing property, or obstructing, interfering with or disrupting university officials or law enforcement agents in performing their duties.

The following behaviors occurring during a riotous event may result in interim sanctions:

  • Instigating or inciting riotous behavior.
  • Interfering with a police officer’s performance of duty.
  • Throwing bottles, cans or other objects.
  • Refusing to abide by an officer’s lawful order.
  • Starting or contributing to a fire.
  • Setting off fireworks.
  • Vandalism.