Technological Resources Use

Please also refer to the ‘ITS Computing and Security Policies‘ and the ‘Acceptable Use of Computing Resources Policy

Federal Copyright Law restricts the use of videocassettes or any broadcast medium, to private showings and prohibits their public performance.

Users of PSU technological resources, including but not limited to, computers, electronic communication, email or phones must use resources appropriately and follow guidelines and policies established by the Information Technology Services Department.

Prohibited actions, include, but are not limited to:

  1. Altering system software or hardware configurations, or disrupting or interfering with the delivery or administration of computer resources.
  2. Attempting to access or accessing another’s account, server, workstation, files, or e-mail without the owner’s permission; or misrepresenting oneself as another individual in electronic communication.
  3. Installing, copying, distributing or using software in violation of: copyright and/or software agreements; applicable state and federal laws.
  4. Using computing resources to engage in conduct which interferes with others’ use of shared computer resources or the activities of other users including studying, teaching, research, or university administration.
  5. Using computing resources for commercial or profit making purposes without written authorization from the university.
  6. Failing to adhere to individual departmental, computer cluster or and USNH policies, procedures, protocols and intended use.
  7. Allowing access to computer resources by unauthorized users.
  8. Acts of vandalism, theft or tampering of computer resources.
  9. Using computer resources for any activities the courts, legislative bodies, and/or the University System of New Hampshire have determined illegal or unacceptable. Such activities include identity theft, child pornography, threats, harassment, theft and unauthorized access..