Weapons, Firearms, and Explosives

This policy pertains to items that would generally be considered dangerous on a university campus and/or illegal such as but not limited to: firearms; guns (pellet, air, paint ball, tranquilizer, stun, spear, dart); slingshots; switchblades; knives with a blade longer than 4 inches; combat and martial art type weapons (metal knuckles, throwing stars, clubs, metal swords); bows; arrows; explosive devices or substances (grenades, bombs, fireworks, ammunition).

  1. The possession of any item referenced above is not allowed on campus property except with the expressed permission of the Chief of University Police.
  2. Use of any item referenced above is not permitted on campus property.
  3. Transfer or sale of any of the items referenced above is not permitted on campus property.
  4. If a replica/toy version of any weapon will be used for an on-campus class presentation, project, or activity, the faculty/staff member overseeing the event and University Police must be alerted prior to the event occurring.

Authorized items may be stored in the university police office.

Exceptions to this policy include pocket knives, general tools, utensils, or items not designed as weapons unless the object is used in a way that would be considered dangerous.