Medical and Counseling Record Rights

Medical Records – Privileged Information

  1. Student’s medical records are confidential and are available to the student to view through the Coordinator of Health Services.
  2. A student who wishes to release medical information, x-rays, or other medical documents to a recognized member of the health profession, must submit a written request to health services, requesting that health services forward a copy or summary of the student’s records to the appropriate party.
  3. Information pertaining to a student’s physical or mental condition may not be released to a third party without the written and signed consent of the student, except in the following situations:
  • Medical records subject to subpoena.
  • If in the professional opinion of a health services staff member, in keeping with professional ethics, they believe a student’s life is or may be threatened or that his or her condition may result or has resulted in a danger to others, the situation may be communicated to the student’s nearest responsible relative and an appropriate university official.
  • Information in a student’s health service record may be released by the President of the University or by student health services in response to a health or safety emergency.

Counseling Records

  1. The records of the Counseling Center and Human Relations Office are considered confidential within the rules and codes of ethics of the American Psychological Association and the American Association for Counseling and Development.
  2. Students have the ability to review the portion of their counseling record used in connection with treatment.
  3. Students, referred to counseling services for conduct reasons, are required to sign a “Release of Information” form that enables the counseling center staff to communicate to the designated hearing officer/s information that is specified on the release form.