Student Life / Hartman Union Administrative Offices

The Hartman Union Building (HUB) is the home of the student life team. Student life staff at the HUB are a source of information and assistance regarding scheduling and planning a wide variety of social events and campus activities. To schedule a room, date, and time for any non-academic activity, you must contact the administrative office in the Hartman Union.

The Community Service Learning Center, Recreation Programs, New Student Orientation and the Wellness Center are also located in the Hartman Union.  The Outdoor Center is located in university apartment #31.

There are over 80 recognized organizations on campus. Volunteer involvement in these organizations allows you to pursue your interests, develop friendships and provide you with opportunities to develop leadership skills.

The HUB includes a  computer cluster, bookstore, a gourmet coffee and bagel shop, the Union Grille, ATM, and mailboxes for all on and off campus students. Some of the student organization offices that can be found include:  the Clock (student newspaper), Conning Tower (yearbook), WPCR (radio station), Student Senate, PACE (Programming Activities in a Campus Environment).



Permission to use the house at the university cam p must be obtained in advance from the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs, Student Life.  The beach at the cam p is open for members of the university community to swim and boat and can be used at any time during daylight hours.  Parking is limited. The university camp must be left in a clean and orderly condition after use. Rubbish and debris must be removed from the cam p before departure.