Health Services

Health services through the on-campus Health Services Center are available to all full-time and part-time students. Both outpatient and in-patient services are available. A university Physician or nurse practitioner is available during scheduled clinic hours. When the physician is not in his/her office, arrangements for contacting him/her can be made through the nurse on duty. In an emergency the student should seek assistance from his or her residence director or any member of the university staff.

The university does not attempt to provide hospital service. Students requiring 24-hour intensive care are referred to the Speare Memorial Hospital.

All information in the student files at the health services office is confidential. The records will not be released to anyone without the student’s written consent with the exception of circumstances listed in the “Rights of Students” section /FERPA rights in the student handbook.

Fees for Services

Most fees for services conducted through health services are included in the student’s general fee, with the exception of the following items

  • Tests
  • Aces and splints
  • Minor procedures,
  • Medication
  • Multiple dressings

NOTE: Charges are posted at the health services office.

Services Provided (not an all inclusive list):

Allergy Immunizations: The health center will store vaccines for students and will administer allergy injections.

Cold Clinic: The health center is prevention-oriented and provides information and education to students with the “common cold”.

Medical Clinic: Scheduled appointments are encouraged to insure adequate treatment to all students. There is no charge to the student for the appointment with the practitioner.

Orthopedic Clinic: Students with an injury or condition that requires orthopedic monitoring may be seen at health services on designated days. Appointments are strongly encouraged but “walk-ins” in need of care are never turned away.

Reproductive Health Clinic: A full range of women’s health services including contraception information/counseling, testing and physical exams is available.