Residential Life

First-year and second-year matriculated undergraduate students are required to live in university residence halls or apartments when space is available, unless released.  Written approval from the Office of Residential Life is required for all releases.


Assignment of Rooms

All Residence Hall rooms are assigned through the Residential Life Office.  Rooms are assigned upon the receipt of a prepayment fee or contract.  Transfer of rooms after assignment may be accomplished by consulting with the Residence Director of the building.  Changes are not made during the first two weeks of any semester, except in emergencies or when accommodations are possible.

Residence and Dining Agreement

All students living in university housing will receive and must sign a copy of the Residence and Dining Agreement. This agreement provides information and policies regarding campus housing.  The residence and dining agreement, this handbook, and any other residential life policies comprise the housing contract.  Failure to sign the Residence and Dining Agreement does not exclude students from their contract.  Contracts are for the academic year and midyear releases are generally not granted.

Please maintain your copy of the Residence and Dining Agreement for reference.  Students are expected to read and know all policies included in the housing contract and will be held responsible.

Room Consolidations

The university staff has the right, when necessary, with or without the consent of the student(s) to change room assignments or require students to move to different accommodations in order to maintain room occupancy, revenue, maintenance, well-being of the community, and to meet emergency needs.

Use of Student’s Rooms for Emergency Purposes

The university reserves the right to use students’ rooms for emergency purposes and to use available space in rooms whenever necessary.  The university will attempt to notify the student in advance. In the event of damage by fire, water, steam, or other causes that render the room or apartment wholly unfit for occupancy, residential life reserves the right to reassign the student to alternative university housing accommodations. If alternate quarters are not available, this agreement may be terminated and the resident shall not be entitled to compensation for damages except for the pro-rated housing fee refund.



The Residential Life Office maintains a list of available off-cam pus housing.  Off-campus releases will be granted on the basis of seniority and priority.  Under existing regulations, the university advises against making any long-term contract with landlords.

Off-campus students are expected to maintain quiet and orderly conduct at all times and to take reasonable care of the furnishings and premises.  Students are also expected to cooperate with the landlord in maintaining the best possible conditions for study and healthful living.