Wellness Programs

Plymouth State University is an educational community committed to promoting whole-person wellness, including the intellectual, physical, social, environmental, emotional, occupational and spiritual development of students, faculty, and staff. This commitment to wellness and human development is closely linked to the values of: respect and care for ourselves and each other, including the diversity among us; respect for teaching, learning and scholarship; respect for the personhood and property of others; and respect and care for our environment and the earth we all share.

In support of these values, Plymouth State University has initiated and maintained several campus wellness programs, including an annual Wellness Fair run by the academic Health Education Program, a Natural Highs Week coordinated by the Wellness Center, a campus-wide Wellness Committee, student Wellness Housing, a student wellness social group called OSSIPEE, a Fitness Program run by the Hartman Union, and a Wellness Center in the Hartman Union Building.