Student Success


Three Student LIfe employees in the HUB's main hall.

Students were eager to share their success stories when given the opportunity to tell us how they were applying these learning outcomes. These quotes came from a variety of students holding different positions within the HUB.

Current Students

“I have been able to present myself much more professionally because of this job. I understand what it takes to make a good impression when looking for a job or presenting a project.”

“I am more aware of the different representations on campus based on what clubs are active in the HUB. I have learned that they all are looking to get recognition and respect from their peers, also to be looked upon as a good group of people. This makes me more aware of how I think and speak of groups on campus.”

“I have learned to recover from a bad experience by remembering it was just one incident and life goes on. Reminding myself that I can learn from mistakes helps me move on.”

Alumni Students

[The HUB taught me to] “Communicate with others in a professional manner, and that having fun at work can be a good thing.”

“I now make a concious effort to not say “like” unnecessarily while speaking, and I have gotten a good amount of practice writing professional emails which has been very helpful.”

[While working in the HUB] “I worked on personal growth a lot… focusing primarily on patience and not losing my temper. Also on keeping the big picture in mind when stressed or frustrated.”

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