Academic Advising Syllabus





Advising office hours:



Academic advising is an educational process that, by intention and design, facilitates students’ understanding of the meaning and purpose of higher education and fosters their intellectual and personal development toward academic success and lifelong learning.  (NACADA)

Student Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  • Value the advising process as part of the academic experience.
  • With the guidance of an academic advisor, make effective decisions concerning their academic and career goals.
  • Be knowledgeable about General Education requirements of PSU.
  • Use campus resources and services to assist them in achieving their academic, personal, and career goals.
  • Follow through when referred to appropriate campus resources.
  • Graduate in a timely manner based on the curriculum plan.
Advisor Responsibilities Student Responsibilities

Communicate the university’s curriculum, requirements, policies, and procedures.

Become knowledgeable about college programs, policies, and procedures.


Encourage and guide students to define and develop realistic educational goals.


Clarify personal values and goals.

Assist students with academic planning consistent with their abilities and interests.

Participate proactively in the decision-making process.


Listen carefully to questions and concerns.

Prepare a list of questions or concerns before each. advising visit


Match students’ needs with available resources and make referrals.

Follow through on suggested actions, resources, or referrals.


Monitor students’ progress.

Keep a personal record of academic progress.


Discuss the relationship between academic preparation and the world of work.


Accept responsibility for academic decisions and performance.

Important Dates for First Semester

  • September 7
    Student Activities Fair
  • September 7
    Add/drop deadline
  • September 13
    Welcome Pizza Party
  • October 4
    What Would You Do For Free? w/Fred Bramante & Ice Cream Social
  • Week of October 5
    Meet in preparation for scheduling
  • Weeks of October 12 – October 22
    Advising Weeks
  • October 15
    6 Week grades ready for new students
  • October 19
    Workshop-Discover Your Passion
  • October 23
    Registration for Spring 2011
  • November 5
    Withdrawal deadline
  • November 9
    Stress Management Workshop
  • November 23 – November 28
    Thanksgiving Break
  • December 1
    Job Fair
  • December 13 – December 17
    Final Exams
  • December 18 – January 30
    Winter break

These are the suggested, minimum times for advisor/advisee contact.  You may wish to have additional time to meet throughout the semester.  Please note that additional information will be announced for guest speakers and program events.

Contact Information

Campus Location:
Mary Lyon Hall Garden Level
(Enter through HUB-side entrance only)
Room 034

Hours of Operation:
8 AM - 4:30 PM, Monday - Friday

Phone: 603-535-3065
Fax: 603-535-2870

Email: bwlajeunesse(at)Plymouth(dot) edu
(Barbara LaJeunesse, Administrative Assistant)

Mailing Address:
17 High Street, MSC 61
Plymouth, NH 03264